Studio A Schram
330 W 38th Street, #1003
New York, NY 10018

Phone: +1 646 776 0906
Instagram: studio_a_schram


Shift AS LLC / dba Studio A Schram is a New York based architectural design firm. The project types range from commercial interiors to residential homes; from temporary installations to housing developments. Our projects are located in the US as well as internationally.

Current active projects are a two-story commercial roof addition in Soho NYC, (790m2/8,500sqft – 8,000,000$); 24-unit housing development in Newark, NJ; 32-unit housing development project in Reykjavik, Iceland (3,800m2/40,900sqft – $12,800,000); Urban Relocation Housing Development – Joint Venture group for prefabricated solutions for distressed urban areas;


Arnaldur G. Schram is a founding partner and design principal. The wide range of projects Arnaldur has designed and executed go from custom residential projects and digital fabrication to large scale commercial and development projects. Arnaldur received his Bachelor of Architecture degree at Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc), and his Master of Science degree in Advanced Architectural Design at Columbia University (GSAPP). Arnaldur has taught at University of Pennsylvania; School of fine arts in Reykjavik Iceland; is a regular critic at GSAPP, NJIT, RPI and NYIT. Arnaldur is born in Reykjavik Iceland, and is a member of American Institute of Architects (AIA) and Architecture Association of Iceland (FIA). 

Statement for the office

Keep it simple, listen, ask questions; distinguish sense from nonsense; make, unmake, then finalize; be smart, be naïve, be curious; fail, then fail again but better; see everything as an experiment; like but don’t love; accept changes as inevitable; be conscious, ignore the nonsense; clear explanations, don’t mystify;  free from post-modern burdens; without theory, without explaining why; strive to embody the values; fitter, happier, more productive; no too comfortable; accept that nothing is new; embrace limits, yet push them; squint while looking; excitement with the right amount of dullness…