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Pavilion #1


DIY Pavilion


Reykjavik, Iceland

Pavilion, Fabrication
50 m2 / 450sf





What to work on when the whole country goes bankrupt? Not only did the economy of Iceland buckled onto itself in the fall of 2008, but it was considered a complete failure of the political and social infrastructure. When everyone and none were to blame, how does a nation go forward?

Construction Industry companies were approached, who subsequently volunteered their efforts to make this project a reality, a highly uncommon event in better economic times. However, there was an extraordinary sense of solidarity. Everyone involved, from material providers and consulting engineers, to people we borrowed space and tools from were exceptionally positive and enthusiastic about the project. It really felt like people came together in these hard times - joining forces to accomplish common goals.  

The structure consists of 1,000 aluminum triangles, and 16,000 aluminum rivets. Every single piece fabricated was different in size, shape, fold, and configuration. It was designed and processed through a variety of 3D software, laser-cut then folded and riveted by hand. Aluminum was deliberately chosen due to its unique structural challenges, its abundance and recyclability, but also for its potential to generate debate about the current and future use of the material.  

The DIY Reykjavik pavilion was born out of the economic collapse and may not have been realized under different circumstances. The project is about testing the possibilities that ultimately arise from a complete economic collapse - the current reality facing Iceland. The modern ideological system which governed Iceland in every aspect has failed and Iceland should now be about actualizing and seizing opportunities arising from the collapse. How do designers navigate within this new reality? Are we going to look backwards and let the future happen or are we going to find a new way forward using what we have at hand? I hope people find inspiration in our endeavor and in what a community is willing to contribute to in order to see new ideas realized.




Design, Construction
Structural Engineer

Dr. Sigurður Gunnarsson
Laser Shop


Sindri, Geislatækni, Alcan Iceland, Almenna Verkfræðistofan, THG, Íslenskir Verktakar, N1, Áltak, Blikksmiðurinn, Höfðastál, Ísloft, Subway,  Landic, Öndvegi, Eimskip, Ölgerðin and Grolsch
Design Team

Arnaldur Schram, Simon Stigsby, Angelica Ouida Biddle, Erick Carcamo
Construction Crew

Friends and Family